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Vietnam Classic Tours – Find Your True Self in the One and Only Authentic Vietnam

“Xin Chao” Vietnam, is the land of heroes, the land of beautiful landscapes, and the land of compassionate people. If someone has ever set foot here, it’s not easy to forget completely. A charming, and timid Hanoi, a dynamic and modern Ho Chi Minh, or a Hoi An reminiscent of old memories, all of them mixed and make the best Vietnam Vacation like that. In Vietnam tour vacations, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous historical sites or pass through the winding roads to Northwest Vietnam to see the terraced fields, visit the beautiful beaches that touch people’s hearts, and many other destinations. All of them are packed on a tour to Vietnam. As an expert in Vietnam local tours, we understand what you want on your vacation in Vietnam. And surely after this trip, Vietnam images will be always in your heart.
Here are the top Vietnam Tours, Vacations & Packages with the highlight destinations of Vietnam designed by the Go Vietnam Tours Team. However, you also create your trip to Vietnam. Let’s tell us your idea!

Top Vietnam Vacation Packages 2023 – 2024:

Vietnam Classic Tours

A Glance of Vietnam – 18 Days

A glance of Vietnam in 18 days will be brought to you the great experience in Vietnam from the North to South. Designed by the travel expert by Vietnam local tours team, we understand what you need and then we will head you to discover the highlight destinations in Vietnam. So what are you waiting for? Contact to us!

Get glimpse insights into the culture and customs of Vietnam with our 7-day tour. Glance but still sufficient at Vietnam – a country is favored by Nature where also owns diverse and unique cultural identity and hospitality of people. Start at Ho Chi Minh City and finish at Hanoi, you will set your foot in many different main highlights of Vietnam like Cu Chi Tunnel, Cai Be Floating Market, Hoi An, Halong Bay, etc. The trip is a balanced combination of visiting and relaxing to give you as good as possible itinerary within a short vacation in Vietnam.

Vietnam Classic Tours

Mystery of Vietnam – 12 Days

Discover Vietnam in our 12-day tour to get a general view of a beautiful and charming country located in Southeast Asia. Join in our journey, you will have chance to visit the most outstanding destinations in Vietnam spreading out from the North to the South like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta where their natural beauty and cultural values are harmoniously blended in each region. Take a Vietnam Local Tour and explore the hidden treasures waiting for you.

Vietnam Classic Tours

Southern Vietnam Tour – 10 Days

Go Vietnam Tours offers an opportunity to discover one of the three main regions of Vietnam in Vietnam Southern Tour Packages. With a fascinating tour through Ho Chi Minh City - Mekong Delta – Mui Ne – Nha Trang, it is an interesting experience in a culturally-rich country. Pass by the green rice paddies, visit the floating villages and see colonial architecture to gain real-life experiences, picturesque landscapes, and comfortable leisure. Let’s contact us for your enjoyment.

Vietnam Classic Tours

Taste of Vietnam Tour – 10 Days

Be engulfed in the beauty of Vietnam from the North to the South with our 10-day tour in Vietnam. Get amazed that in each region of Vietnam, you will certainly find its charm in landscapes that is favored by Nature and friendly people as well. In this journey, you can also gain more insights into a different religion – Buddhism when visit tranquil pagodas and a part of Vietnam history in ancient imperial citadel existing covering many centuries, etc.

Vietnam Classic Tours

The Best of Vietnam – 12 Days

Set foot on an S-shaped country – Vietnam in 12 days to explore the beauty of its nature, culture, and people. Our itinerary includes many highlights of this country from the South to the North like Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay where you can get diverse experiences from the eventful life of big cities, breathtaking mountainous area to the tranquil landscape of one of the most well-known heritage of the world. A Vietnam Tour in 12 days will be an interesting experience for you in the S -  shape country.

From the north to the south, this will be a wonderful opportunity to visit some of the most mesmerizing destinations that would bring you wonderful moments to share with your friends. In this 10 days tour the highlights of Vietnam, we offer the most worth-trying activities in this lovely nation, from a night cruise trip in world-heritage Halong Bay to wandering under tranquil atmosphere of old town Hue and Hoi An, or experiencing the difference in life between modern city and urbanized Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam. What are you waiting for? Pack-up your luggage and let’s go to Vietnam!

Go along the S-shaped country in 24 amazing days in the most wonderful destinations. This Vietnam tour will bring you from the ancient Hanoi to natural Sapa, from the magnificent Halong Bay to an energetic Danang, from peaceful Hoi An town to romantic Dalat, from Nha Trang of dreaming beach to mysterious Vung Tau. See a charming Vietnam through this undimmed journey.

You may not believe this but there is a treasure that has appeared in Southeast Asia, Vietnam. Travel to Vietnam, you are not only overwhelmed by the stunning views but also you are lost in the paradise of the variety of cultural colors. From the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi where you will be enjoyed the unique shows to the South of Vietnam, where you will be back to the Vietnam war to see how resilient Vietnamese is. Don’t stop in Vietnam, during 15 days tour, you also have a visit to the neighborhood of Vietnam, Cambodia. What’s more interesting when visiting the world heritage site, Angkor Wat, or enjoying life like a local at the traditional villages. All in 15 days tour Vietnam and Cambodia. What are you waiting for? Take your backpack, and travel with us!

Vietnam Classic Tours

Vietnam Cultural Tour – 14 Days

Travelers rave about Vietnam ‘s incredibly friendly people, unique 54 traditions, beautiful landscapes, and countryside. Vietnam has established its reputation as a unique and rich Southeast Asian experience. In a Vietnam Holiday, there is ample opportunity to explore it in style. If you choose to take one of our Cultural Tours of Vietnam, you will be surprised by how many things you will discover. Wander to Hanoi old-time, visit the majestic landscape in Halong Bay, ancient beauty of Hoi An or the bustle and hustle Ho Chi Minh City, all in 14 days Vietnam Cultural Tour. What are you waiting for? A bright Vietnam is waiting for you!

Search for a perfect-designed Vietnam tour package to explore the most wonderful things and places in S-shaped country, this 10-day tour is an ideal option for you. Start from the South and move to Northern Vietnam with amazing services and Vietnam highlights as well as majestic mountains and waterfalls, dynamic, bustling city and the tranquil beauty of Hanoi.

Vietnam Classic Tours

Vietnam Heritage Tour – 11 Days

Vietnam is known as a country with many world heritage sites. A majestic Ha Long, a poetic Trang An or an ancient Hoi An, surely makes you agitate during  11-day Vietnam Heritage tour. What's more interesting when combining a family tour with useful discoveries for your children to better understand this rich cultural country. That means, until they come back home, it will be interesting stories with their friends. What are you waiting for? Go to Vietnam today!

Vietnam Classic Tours

Vietnam Honeymoon Tour – 10 Days

Neither beautiful Hawaii nor romantic Paris, as in Southeast Asia, there is a country is known as the bright spot for Honeymoon vacation. Definitely! Vietnam is a dreamy and exquisite destination will be your once in a lifetime vacation with your beloved one by spending time in the best highlights in Vietnam. Let Go Vietnam Tours make your days become more colorful!

Vietnam Classic Tours

Vietnam in Depth – 17 Days

Explore Vietnam at its best through this amazing 17-day tour, which will bring you to all major highlights from the North to the South. Experience old and new features of 2 biggest cities in Vietnam – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, enjoy poetic beauty and gain deep insights into a part of Vietnam’s history in the ancient city – Hue or challenge yourself with kayaking in one of the World Heritages, Halong Bay. With 17 days tour in Vietnam, it will be the best trip ever in your life!

Vietnam General Information:

Vietnam Map, Vietnam local tours Location: Southeast Asia
Population:  98,765,267
Language: Vietnamese
Capital: Hanoi
Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)

Vietnamese People, History, and Culture

Vietnamese People

Vietnamese People are the majority ethnic group in Vietnam. The origins of the Vietnamese people are a combination of Mongolian races in north and east Asia, with Chinese influence in invasions from thousands of years ago. However, Vietnam is the region’s most ethnically homogenous country with the Vietnamese making up about 90% of the population. And 85% of Vietnam's Ethnic minority population belongs to indigenous groups including the largest are Thai and Hmong. Most of them live in the mountainous regions of the country for many centuries. Besides, there is about 3% of the population is ethnic Chinese living in the urban centers of the South. In the past, the world knows the Vietnamese People through the documentation about the Vietnam Wars. But now, if you have a chance to visit Vietnam, and have a good opportunity to communicate with Vietnamese people, you will get more understanding of Vietnamese characteristics. They are friendly, open-hearted, and always enthused with anyone who comes to Vietnam. Vietnamese-People-Vietnam-Classic-Tours

Vietnam History in Brief

Vietnam is a country with a long and complex history and cultural traditions, unlike any other place. Referring to Vietnam, the world is known as a resilient, indomitable country, driving out the "key players" in the world such as the US, France, and China, making the world must respect. From time immemorial, Vietnam has been dominated by the North for millennia, such as China or Mongolia. Then came France and the humble period of colonialism from which Vietnam did not emerge until the second half of the 20th century. And Americans simply were the last in a long line of invaders. Over the centuries, Vietnam is a small country, but the spirit of fighting and protecting the country has been imprinted on the mind of Vietnamese people. Visitors to Vietnam can easily recognize the streets named heroes who have devoted their whole lives to protecting the country. Moreover, the heroes will inspire patriots for the next generation. Vietnam history, Vietnam tours

Culture in Vietnam

Culture plays a vital role in every country and both in Vietnam. The culture of Vietnam has developed over a long time and it’s still intact up to now. As one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, although the Vietnamese Culture has changed over years and the effect foreign culture, the Vietnamese still maintain cultural features such as ancestor worship, respect for family values, traditional festivals, traditional costumes, and so on. Owning this beautiful culture has attracted many tourists to Vietnam and makes them love Vietnam more and more. Traveling to Vietnam and combining to discover the culture of Vietnam will surely be an unforgettable experience. Touch in the quintessence of the land rich in culture, and enjoy the breathtaking attractions during your Vietnam local tours will make your journey more perfect than ever! Making Sticky Rice cake - Vietnam Tours

Top 12 Best Things to Do and See in Vietnam

As the gateway to Southeast Asia, Vietnam is known as one of the golden lands attracting many travelers. Traveling to Vietnam, here is a good chance to back to the past, which still keeps the Heritages existed over a thousand years. Not only keep the ancient beauty, but Vietnam also connects the quintessence from many cultures in the world. Throughout the country, from the North to the South, there is a billion thing to do and see in Vietnam, which you may use a lot of time to visit and experience. If you wonder what to do and see in Vietnam, Go Vietnam Tours will suggest you, which includes Vietnam tour packages.

1. Amazing Trek in Sapa

If you want to go trekking in Vietnam, Sapa is the place to do it. By the rolling rice terraces of the Muong Hoa Valley and mountains towering all around, you can spend all week in the North of Vietnam. There are treks to suit everyone’s time frame and fitness level. You can learn about the hill tribes in the area such as the Hmong, Tay, and Dao tribes. They will happily greet you when you hop off the bus, offering their services for trekking or a homestay. Stay a day to chill out in Sapa after your activities. Here is gorgeous to relax in the mountain fresh area. Trekking-in-Sapa-Vietnam-tours-trips

2. Sailing in Trang An to See a “Ha Long Bay on the Ground”

We had heard about Ninh Binh as we were traveling north and lots of travelers had said to stop in, so we did. It is worth it. Ninh Binh is a decent-sized town an hour south of Hanoi, surrounded by rice fields and hundreds of limestone cliffs, all with lots of awesome things to do. People call the area the “Halong Bay On The Land”, and once you get there you’ll understand why. Huge Karst mountains with gorgeous rivers and lakes wrapping around them, make the landscape picturesque. Sailing at Trang An, Ninh Binh, Vietnam tours One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ninh Binh is the Trang An Grottoes which consists of a handful of caves and rocks towering out from a large network of canals and lakes. We chose to do a tour of this one over Tam Coc, as we have heard Tam Coc is crowded and has become quite commercial over the years, with people hassling travelers by hard-selling their antiques during and at the end of the boat ride. Ninh Binh is a marvelous place to visit in Vietnam.

3. Strolling in Hanoi Old Quarter

Located in northern Vietnam, Hanoi Old Quarter mixed ancient and modern beauty. A little bit chaotic, with crowded sidewalks and streets, exotic, colorful food for sale, and motorbikes which make a special product of Hanoi. If you are traveling to Vietnam for the first time, try not to make Hanoi your first stop. It can be overwhelming at first (but that is also part of its allure). You may want to visit more low-key cities such as Hoi An or Hue before visiting Hanoi. Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam tours Packages

4. Pho - Traditional Food in Vietnam You Must Try

Pho has become one of the unique names whenever reminded of Vietnam. Pho is cooked with simple ingredients which are only in Vietnam: clear stock, boiled beef, rice noodles, and herbs or green onions. In Vietnam, Pho exists in all of Vietnam street conner and become the breakfast rich in nutrition. Still keeping the traditional taste, however, some tastes are cooked in another traditional way. One of the best at Pho Thin on Lo Duc in the historic French Quarter has become a branding name in Vietnam which is chosen by both Vietnamese and foreigners. A bowl of Pho which is cooked by the traditional recipe, and add some specials spices which only in Vietnam, surely that will make you speak out “this is it which I have to taste” Pho, Vietnam Traditional Food

5. Ha Long Bay – A Picturesque Landscape

With 1,600 limestone towers rising from its turquoise waters, Halong Bay is considered one of the highlights in Vietnam and listed as one of the World's Natural Heritages Just a few miles away, from Bai Tu Long Bay, on the cruise, you can explore uncrowded caves and tiny beaches, and feast on super-fresh succulent seafood. Here is a good chance to contemplate the true beauty given by “Nature Mother”. Ha-Long-Bay_-Tours-in-Vietnam Boat trips to Bai Tu Long Bay leave from the crowded dock at Halong City, just like the ones to Halong Bay. Besides the poetic beaches, and the majestic mountain, go to visit the local fish village where you get more understanding about their daily life. This will be an interesting experience that you should go to Ha Long Bay.

6. Enjoy the Beautiful Beaches from North to South

With Vietnam’s very long coastline, it’s no surprise that it has some beautiful beaches. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to relax and enjoy the white sands, crystal clear water, and fresh seafood coming to you without having to get off your chair. While Vietnam isn’t as famous for its beaches as other Southeast Asia countries (think Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia), there are still some epic spots. Check out An Bang Beach or Cua Dai Beach which are both in Hoi An, Doc Let Beach on the Hon Khoi Peninsula, or Con Dao Islands in Southern Vietnam. Vietnam Beaches, Trips in Vietnam

7. Hoi An – the Ancient Town in Central Vietnam

Travel to Hoi An, you will see the Holiday every day by the lantern hanging on along Hoi An Street. With the road from Hoi, An Bridge to the Hoai River Square adorned with thousands of colorful lanterns, there are over 50 workshops taking part in the event, each trying to create the prettiest lantern which has bright colors and is designed strictly traditional. Travel to Hoi An, You will be joined in many festivities of this old town, between the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Hoi An Bridge. Mixed in the People line, it’s crowded, chaotic, and festive. Besides the lantern festive, enjoy the spontaneous singing and taste Hoi An traditional food, which will make you addicted. Hire a sampan boat, you can buy the larn turn and then lease it on the river and pray the most for you and your family. Hoi An Town, Vietnam Clasic Tours

8. Explore the Charming Beauty of Hue

Located between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Hue marked the divide between the north and the south during the Vietnam war, and here is also the ancient capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. Set upon the pretty Perfume River, Hue is more gloomy and dreamlike than any ancient capital of Vietnam. Therefore, as soon as you set your foot here, you will see how beautiful Hue is! Hue, Vietnam Vacation Packages Cycling around the city, and visiting the historical sites will be an unforgettable time. Wake up early in the morning to breathe the fresh air and then head three kilometers out of town to the Tiger Fighting Arena, a place where elephants and tigers would fight to honor the strength of the monarchy. Continue to the trip, head to Tu Duc Tomb before the stop at Vong Canh Hill, the best spot for panoramic views of the Perfume River. From Vong Canh Hill, it’s downhill to one of Hue's most atmospheric pagodas, Tu Hieu, which is located in a tranquil and picturesque pine forest. Swing by the tomb of Minh Mang, the second emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, before heading back to town.

9. Quang Binh - The Largest Cave in The World

For those who love adventure tours in Vietnam, Quang Binh province is ideal to explore the hidden treasures in Vietnam. Located at the border of Laos, Quang Binh is a wild region of the barely penetrable jungle in Vietnam’s skinny middle. The area is proud of hundreds of deep caves, including one of the largest in the world – Son Doong cave which contains a cavern so tall that a skyscraper could fit inside it. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam Tour Itinerary Spend your time visiting the small town of Phong Nha, which is the epicenter for the area’s caving adventures. Here you can hire both guides and the gear you’ll need to descend into the caves. If you are finding a place for trekking, here is a wonderful stop. Discover the surrounding jungle, which will lead you to the stunning waterfalls moreover, you are living in the natural environment and if you’re lucky, you will go to visit the population of monkeys.

10. Buon Me Thuat – the Coffee Land of the Central Highlands of Vietnam

If you are fancy of coffee, Buon Ma Thuot is the motherland of coffee beans and is the regional capital of the central highlands of Vietnam. Travel to Buon Me Thuat, apart from the coffee beans, here is also known as a gorgeous area of thundering waterfalls and the traditional villages of the local Ede people. Buon Me Thuat Coffee, Vietnam Tours Drop-in this land, you will visit the plantation of the locals and see the process they make the coffee beans into the cup of coffee. During your visit, you'll probably come across 'weasel' coffee, also known as kopi luwak or civet coffee, which aficionados claim is the best in the world. Before leaving, let’s buy some packs as a gift for your friends. Vietnamese Coffee, Vietnam local tour

11. Ho Chi Minh City – the Bustling City You can’t Miss

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is a blend of the old and the new. Tour buildings designed by Gustav Eiffel (yes, the same person who designed the Eiffel Tower), visit the War Remnants Museum, and climb the modern Bitexco Financial Building for a bird’s eye view over the city. You’ll be dodging motorbikes on the city sidewalks, a uniquely (and very memorable) Vietnamese experience. Ho Chi Minh city hall, Vietnam Local Tours

12. Mekong Delta Cruise

Traveling to southern Vietnam, the Mekong River hits Vietnam and slows down at a slower pace. The Mekong Delta, the land is known for many islands, rice fields, village floors, and local life which seemly hasn’t changed for centuries. Due to these gloomy scenes, it's great to be immersed in this frame of the Mekong Delta. Floating on the cruise on the Mekong River, enjoy a cocktail to see the sunset, it’s an amazing view to catch up on this. One of the best journeys is from Cai Be to Can Tho, giving you many strange feelings. Enjoy the luxury space on the cruise, this route will be printed your mind by the beautiful landscapes on both river banks. Mekong River Market, Vietnam vacation