5 Best Autumn Landscapes in Vietnam

5 Best Autumn Landscapes in Vietnam

Autumn in Vietnam – the season of falling yellow leaves, balmy atmosphere and the lifestyle seems to be sedentary. This is also “the golden time” to explore the beautiful nation with a thousand-year history. There are 5 prominent landscapes you should not miss during your Vietnam trip in the fall.

1. Hanoi – The City of Peace 

Hanoi has appeared in a variety of excellent poetries because of its picturesque and ancient beauty. Traveling to Hanoi in autumn, visitors will be immersed in fresh and relaxing air when rambling in numerous corners of the old quarter, feasting your eyes on Sword Lake or visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Furthermore, you can enjoy traditional specialties only in the fall of Hanoi such as green rice flakes in Vong village, aromatic milk flowers, ripe dracontomelon, and classic moon cakes, etc.

There are a lot more hidden beauties insides Hanoi during the autumn, which are waiting for your exploration.

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2. Ha Giang – the Hidden Beauty in the North of Vietnam

Coming to Ha Giang in fall, you will have a chance to contemplate the hills smothered with lilac buckwheat where you can set your soul free and take a lot of nowhere-else photos. It is recommended that October is the time when the buckwheat is flourishing in Cao Bang, Lao Cai, especially Ha Giang so that is the best time for the tourists to visit.

Besides, you can discover some other marvelous landscapes such as Sung La Valley, Dong Van old quarter, Dong Van stone plateau, Co Tien Mountain, and aureate rice terraces.

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3. Moc Chau – The Charming Beauty Cannot Miss

Referring to Moc Chau Plateau, many people often think of the hills with the slope of green tea, which became the endless inspiration for the photographers and tourists.

In Moc Chau plateau, tea is normally grown in the farms. It is also one of the three areas that own an impressive heart shape of tea and attracts the most tourists.
Moc Chau Highland is famous for the green tea hills stretching to the other side. Do you think that Moc Chau is natural beauty? It’s true. Besides, the tea hills are man-made masterpieces because by the skillful hands, the tea farmer has made such great works as S-shaped tea hill, tea heart on the road to Ngu Dong Ban, etc, which makes this land become one of the best attractions in autumn.

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4. Sapa – the Fog City at the North in Vietnam 

Arriving in Sa Pa in autumn you will admire the yellow rice fields bending around the majestic and magnificent hills. Most of the visitors decide to go here in autumn to be able to discover all the various beauty and natural scenery of Sa Pa.

There are some attractive landscapes that should not be ignored when coming to Sa Pa: enjoying the view of fog on Ham Rong Mountain, visiting Silver Fall, O Quy Ho pass, Muong Hoa valley, and dining on the delicious local cuisine.
In addition, Sa Pa Terrace has been selected as one of the seven wonders of Asia and the world by the Travel and Leisure magazine (America).

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5. Da Lat – A Romantic City in Vietnam 

The last applicant in the list is Da Lat – a peaceful and poetic city. Travelling Da Lat in fall, you will be able to deep in the contemplation of colorful wild sunflower overlaying the streets, the pinkness of cherry blossoms or the braze of mimosa. Today, travelers visit Da Lat not only to watch the scenery but also to enjoy the fresh air and feel the typical chilliness of Dalat in the late autumn.

In addition, you may visit other attractive destinations such as Love Valley, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery … and do not forget to enjoy Dalat specialties and night markets to buy some wool stuff as gifts for your relatives and friends.
How many attractive landscapes have you been to? Let’s go and explore the rest in this autumn with us!

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with 5 destinations above will be the best stop in Vietnam as well as including Vietnam Tour Day Trips. We also choose the top 5  best Vietnam Itineraries with the beautiful landscapes to make you entranced with the autumn in Vietnam: