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Spend your summer in one of the must-see countries in the world, Vietnam. You will be attracted by incredible places from the north to the south, from mountainous areas to coastal cities and from bustling downtowns to the tranquil countryside. Those are the best destinations for tourists to visit Vietnam in the summer. Go Vietnam Tours is fulfilled to recommend this special promotion as the most sincere welcome to visit many countries in one destination.

Special Promotion for Vietnam Tours in Summer 2020

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6 Best Places to Visit In Vietnam In Summer

Green Paradise Ha Giang When Summer Comes

Ha Giang is an iconic mountainous area in northern Vietnam. It is often said that to enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang, you must visit in the spring, autumn and winter. But despite these discouraging words, some travel madly to choose Ha Giang to go back in the summer by a subconscious invitation hidden deep inside. But what is Ha Giang’s summer? Traveling on the roads, coming back to Ha Giang on a clear, windy summer day, then suddenly surprised by the pure new coat of that rocky highland. It seems that on every road, people come across the layer of copper maize layers that are covered everywhere to bring a strange vitality to the land of the country. Looking down from above, Ha Giang looks like a blue ribbon across the sky. And lurking somewhere on that dreamy green background, the vast fields of reddish-brown soil quietly hide in the green pine forests, is the line of Nho Que that appears fully under the abyss without being screened by cloud cover, calmly drifting like the peaceful rhythm of life of true people in Ha Giang.

Visit Amazing Ha Long Bay in Summer Time

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, with the majestic natural beauty bestowed. Ha Long is one of the tourist destinations that you should not miss in your life. Come here once to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay – One of the bays 2 times recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, and one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. Thanks to the clear division of the weather like that, at any time, Ha Long is an attractive tourist destination for tourists from everywhere, and summer is no exception.
During this time, there are many activities for visitors to experience, including exploring the limestone caves on the Bo Hon islands or enjoying the beauty of Ha Long scenery from the seaplane. In the dazzling sunset, imagine the captivating beauty of the scene that appears right before your eyes as you fly across the sky, onboard a seaplane at Hai Au Airlines and finally land on your face. With low-level sightseeing flights, seaplanes are the perfect choice for travelers to immerse themselves in the scenery here.

Ha Long Bay top plac eto visit in Vietnam vacationParasite Da Nang In The Summer

Da Nang – the most livable city in Vietnam welcomes a huge number of tourists every year. Traveling to Danang is not only a favorite choice for Vietnamese but even for international tourists. It is nothing more than fantastic when discovering Danang in the summer. In addition to diving in the cool blue water, tourists should experience a completely new feeling by “flapping wings in mid-air”, being adventurous with the wind and admiring the panoramic sea view from above. Besides, Slide Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall which is the game of challenging courage is always one of the most popular games opted by travelers. Lang Van camping is also an interesting experience in Da Nang. Visitors will enjoy the feeling of “waking up in a remote place”, watching the peaceful sea in the sunset, nestling in peaceful nature, and listening to the birds or the rustling wind in the ears.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Great Choice for Summer

Phong Nha – Ke Bang is a national park located in Quang Binh province. It is a complex of caves and limestone mountains with extremely rich and unique natural scenery. Phong Nha cave is the most typical scenic spot of the cave system of Phong Nha – Ke Bang complex. Phong Nha was voted as one of the most beautiful caves in the world with the criteria: the longest underground river, the most beautiful underground lake, the tallest and widest cave gate, the most beautiful sandbars and reefs, the widest and most beautiful dry cave, the most magnificent and stalactite system, and the longest water cave.
Tourists can travel to Phong Nha at all times of the year, but ideally, it is from April to August because this time Quang Binh is in the dry season. The weather is dry and the temperature is in the range of 36-37 degrees Celsius, so when exploring the caves, the temperature drops to about 20-21 degrees Celsius, which will make people feel cool and comfortable.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park best place to visit for Vietnam tourClear Dalat Summer as Morning Dew

Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province with an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level, so it is year-round cool. It is once famous for attractions such as Love Valley, Than Tho Lake, Hills Thong Hai Mo, and Elephant Falls. Dalat city is a great resort that helps visitors escape the hot sultry of the Southern Delta. The first thing that caught the eye when tourists go to Dalat in the summer is the familiar purple phoenix lines. The vast and immense purple dotted in the sunny blue sky might make visitors unforgettable. It can be said that after Thanh Thuy’s “purple coffee shop” on Ho Xuan Huong Street, Da Lat has a more romantic purple color. Besides, another impression of Dalat in the summer is to go to Cau Dat tea hill though the heat is as beautiful as the light. If travelers go to Dalat right on the festive seasons, you have to squeeze in the city center, then in the summer, you can comfortably rent a motorbike to surf the wonderful roads.

Cu Chi Tunnels All-Year-Round

Previously, the tunnel in Cu Chi was a resistance base and a solid defensive system deep in the ground of the nation during the Indochina War and Vietnam War. Dubbed the “underground city” of the Cu Chi Tunnels, it not only has a tunnel system like a maze but also a lot of rooms, clinics, kitchens, warehouses, working rooms, etc. with a ventilation system to the bushes in the forest. Cu Chi tours on summer days are quite “unique” with the underground passage through an underground tunnel in the long tunnel system of over 200km. The cramped, mysterious and difficult life in the underground did not discourage soldiers in the past and ease the discovering spirit of the “soldiers” today. That is the reason why the Cu Chi Tunnels are favored and selected by many tourists in their journey to explore Vietnamese history.

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