The Quintessence of Tonkin – Amazing Show You Must See in Hanoi

The Quintessence of Tonkin – Amazing Show You Must See in Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi, the land is not only rich in the culture but also rich in the tradition. If you are in Hanoi, during your Vietnam Local Tours, finding Vietnam Cultural Values, so, let’s enjoy your time to watch Tonkin Show – The Quintessence of Tokin, which makes sure that you will fall in love the culture of Vietnam at the first sight. So what is special in the Quintessence of Tonkin make you love?

The Story of the Real Life of Vietnamese People

The Quintessence of Tokin is the first “real-life performance” in Vietnam with the participation of 250 performers including 12-0 amateurs who farmers in daily life and from nearby villages. Performed entirely on the water with mini-scenes and properties moving flexible with special techniques, The Tokin Show brings to the audience the real feeling during over 1 hour.

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Vietnamese Old Life

Divided into the different sections, the show remakes the most typical details of ancient Vietnam. Known as the country with the develops of agriculture, the life of farmers is the main factor that is exploited most in the show. After the performance, the audiences will more understand about the daily life of Vietnamese farmers with the stage of plant and harvest activities, the crew of fishing boats, countryside fair full of traders, hawkers on the bikes, and so on.

Not only the farming daily life, but the Tonkin Show also brings to the audiences the performance of the ancient Thang Long Citadel from hundreds of years ago to its water stage with the scene of students with wooden book box and bamboo tent from different part of the countries come to to the citadel for the most important mandarin examination in their life which decide their career in the near future. Then, after the examination, some of the candidates will fail and others can pass, and just only one of them become the valedictorian which leads to the majestic scene of Thang Long royal palace with the ceremony to congratulate the valedictorian and the king gives him the dynasty apparel and a working position in the government.

The Colorful Vietnamese Art

It cannot deny that tradition art means a must using the material in the show. In association with the Vietnamese folk music which the melony from many types of a traditional instrument such as Sao (flute), Ty Ba (pipa), dan tranh (zither), dan bau (monochord), etc make the performance more lively than ever.

Besides the music, the background of the show was inspired by Vietnamese ancient idioms, proverbs, poetries, and even the famous fort painting set: To Nu Pictures, including 4 pictures painted 4 ladies performing 4 difference traditional instruments. Moreover, the audience also has a chance to enjoy the water puppet show which the world has known as the interesting Vietnamese traditional folk art, and tell the story about Tu Van Hanh monk who created this special art.

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Vietnamese Religious Life and Festival

As you know, Vietnam has a lot of religious life with different beliefs Through the ancient culture of Northern Vietnam, there are two main beliefs: Buddhism and The Third Holy Mother & Mother Goddess. During the show, the image of Van Hanh monk will appear in the gold light of Buddhism with a mini size of Thuy Dinh Pavilion at Thay Pagoda – where Tu Van Hanh was the abbot.

Form the past, the belief of the Third Holy Mother & Mother Goddess was from the agricultural culture in Vietnam. For thousands year ago, the Vietnamese believed that these saints are the one who gives them a fulfilling life by creating good weather for abundant crops that is a reason why in each year, the countrysides organize the ceremony to thank God for giving the crop exceeds requirements

How to Get the Tokin Show?

Located at Da Phuc (near Thay Pagoda), Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi. It’s about 1 hour to drive to the outskirt of Hanoi, the visitors can choose a private car or taxi. For anyone who wants to enjoy at night, there is a shuttle bus starting at Hanoi tower (49 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) and the price is 80.000 VND (USD 3.5).

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The Tokin Show Prices

The price of Tokin show upon where you sit, the platinum, the best seats of the house! The gold seats are the center of the stage, and the silver seats are an incredible experience.

+ 800,000 VND for silver Ticket. Includes 1,100,000 VND for Silver Ticket with Dinner

+ 900,000 VND / Gold Ticket and 1,200,000 VND Golden Ticket with Dinner

+ 1,200,000 VND / Platinum Ticket and 1,500,000 VND / Platinum Ticket with Dinner