Hanoi Highlights

Being the capital of Vietnam for over one thousand years, Hanoi has been gone through the rise and fall of a nation. At present, Hanoi is the center of the history, culture, economy, and politics of Vietnam. Besides, Hanoi is also a splendid combination of quintessential values of tradition and modern features of a developing country. That makes Hanoi become a worth- exploring the destinations of Vietnam.

Hanoi can also be the first stop during your Vietnam local tours. Visiting Hanoi is a chance for you to be engulfed in the excellent and unique taste of authentic cuisine with typical dishes like “pho”, “bun cha”, fried spring rolls, or “La Vong” grilled fish, etc. You can also gain insights into history and culture by taking a trip to traditional attractions such as the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, and Old Quarter or remained French architectures like Hanoi Opera House, Long Bien Bridge, etc, which cannot miss in Hanoi Tour Packages.

There is no best time to visit Hanoi as in each season, Hanoi always has its own charm. Spring in Hanoi is a gentle and delicate transformation of the signature North nature. At that time, the sky is covered under the mild atmosphere, the peach blossom branches bloom their first radiant petals, and people also have their new look to welcome and bless for a new peaceful year. Hanoi’s summer is just like other subtropical climate lands. Besides the scorching sunlight, sometimes, there are sudden showers cooling down the irritating heat. Even without small rains, Hanoi has its own way to chill in blazing air. The Ba Vi National park, West Lake Water park, West Lake ice cream, ice tea and shaved ice in street food stalls, etc. all have made Hanoi become an able-to-come destination in summer. Autumn is the time that indicates the most ethereal beauty of Hanoi. Embrace yourself in the ecstatic scent of Milkwood pine flower, hugged by the dreamy breeze, under the range of aged trees with fragile sunlight shining through layers of leaves, reflecting the firm ground, sparkling like solid diamonds. This is also when the love blooms. Hanoi, when stepping into winter, is more silent and tranquil. Feel the wind rushed in and weaved through your hand, bringing a no-name nostalgia. Then, when the drizzle drops, slowly and lightly, just nearly enough to sprinkle the street with a misty haze, making people want to close their distance more than ever.