Located in the western mountainous region of the northern area, sharing the border with Laos and China, Northwest Vietnam is bestowed with beautiful and pristine scenery that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Visiting Northwest Vietnam, visitors have the opportunity to behold the terraces nine golden terraces, majestic winds winding winds, the daily life joyful ethnic people … It is impossible to list all the beauties and charms of this land in a moment but your real experience during your Vietnam local tours to Northwest Vietnam will surely fire your imagination.

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Explore the Dreaming Nature of Four Seasons in Sapa

Sapa is the first stop of your visit in Northwest Vietnam. It is a highland old town, a destination located in Lao Cai province which is known as the name “paradise in the fog”. Sapa attracts visitors not only by the pristine wilderness of a mountainous area but also by the natural scenery of four seasons, each season has its own beauty that is nowhere to do.

Sapa in Spring

Spring is the season of colorful flowers in Sapa. A trip to Sapa during this time will bring you the fresh air as well as peaceful moments on one side and the brilliant colors of nature on another side, which are the pink of the peach blossom, the pure white forest of the plum blossoms, the pear blossom and the red of the gladioli flowers. Along with the spectacular nature, spring in Sapa is also the festival season. Annually, people jubilantly open the festivals to bless for fate, for child or bumper harvests. Festivals often take place in January and February each year, such as the Mongolian Gouache Festival, the Giay Festival or the Tay Festival.

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Sapa in Summer

Not as cold as the spring days, summer in Sapa is filled with sunshine, gentle wind, cool weather. Although the rainy season starts at this time, your exploration is still wonderful with adventure by motorbike to the magnificent Silver waterfall, Muong Hoa valley of the tribal villages.

Sapa in Autumn

When rains disappear and rice fields turn their color into yellow, they are the signs that autumn comes to Sapa. All the land is covered by the yellow of ripe rice with scattered farmers harvesting their crops. The sun can be still seen in the sky but its most of its light is blocked by clouds. The hot weather is also blown by the cool breeze from the north. Nature prepares for an incoming cold and long winter by shaking all the leaves off. Travel to Sapa this season, visitors not only enjoy this awesome transformation but also discover the beauty, uniqueness of local lifestyle as well as learning the interesting customs and habits of ethnic people in the harvest season.

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Sapa in Winter

Winter comes and brings a new color to Sapa. Snowfall often occurs in this season creating a white blanket for this town. Visitors traveling to Sapa at this period as they want to experience the winter of snow in tropical countries. In chill nights, gathering around the fire, enjoy tube wine (traditional wine of ethnic minorities) and hot foods will warm your body up to hear the mysterious legends and tales about Sapa

Travel to Moc Chau to Discover the Green Lush Fields of Herbs

Located on the majestic Northwest Mountain Road, Moc Chau is considered the most beautiful and largest plateau in Vietnam. Coming to Moc Chau, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, watching the vast natural landscape of green tea hills and immense green grasslands. From the end of October throughout the fields, the hill of Moc Chau covered a pure white color of flowers. Cauliflower flowers blossom a whole hill to create a beautiful landscape.

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Travel to Moc Chau, it is a chance for visitors to discover the beautiful nature of green prairie or conquer Pha Luong peak – the “rooftop of Moc Chau”. Pha Luong peak is the peak located in the east of Moc Chau district with an altitude of nearly 2000m. The breathtaking view of Moc Chau with immense tropical forests of diverse floras and faunas along the trekking route as well as marvelous nature viewing from the peak will absolutely worth your effort.

Reach Mu Cang Chai to Behold Majestic Nature

Mu Cang Chai is remote with dangerous roads called “the death paths”. However, despite the difficulties, Mu Cang Chai still attracts visitors to enjoy the majestic nature, beautiful like a painting between the Northwest mountains and forests. Visiting Mu Cang Chai, visitors will be admired terraced field which lay across the hills everywhere. The topography of this mountain is divided by streams, deep pools and slopes which are vast pine forests. The scenery of the terraces with streams of layers on each other is extremely spectacular. The “When On Earth” website used to say about Mu Cang Chai is “This is the most beautiful and the most beautiful, and perhaps unique than anywhere else in the world.”

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Visit Ha Giang to Enjoy the Paradise of Buckwheat Flour

Every October – the harmony between the warm of the autumn and the cold of the early winter makes the air feel very comfortable. Traveling to Ha Giang will be surprised by the purple of the buckwheat flower field immense. On the sides of the hill, the fields, along with the roads or the old houses, the tiny buckwheat flowers like the little purple raindrop. The green of the trees and bush is mixed with the purple color of the flowers which make a beautiful scene. Visitors will feel like lost in a fairy tale where have only flowers. With the beauty of the flower called “buckwheat flower”, it creates a “memory” for many visitors who travel to the beautiful Ha Giang.

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In addition, Ha Giang offers tourists the majestic nature of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, Ma Li Peng Pass, dreaming waterfalls and astonishing terraced fields. You should also join the local market to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture as well as taste the mouth-watering Ha Giang specialties.

After all, I bet that it’s too hard to say no to the landscapes of Northwest in Vietnam. Here, we will suggest some highlight Itineraries of Northwest in Vietnam if you interest: