A Local’s Guide to Car – Motorbike Rental in Vietnam

car rental in vietnam

Tourists often imagine about peaceful and relaxing moments sitting on the bus or taxi to reach all the destinations on their Vietnam tours. However, ride and drive vehicles yourself during your travel will leave you an unforgettable experience. On seeing a scenic beauty along the route, just stop to enjoy it and then continue your journey. One more wonderful thing is that you can easily hire a vehicle to launch your positive travel in Vietnam.

Car Rental in Vietnam

Renting a car to visit some places is a good idea if those destinations are inaccessible by public transportation. There are two types of car rental: car rental with or without driver.

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Car Rental without Driver (Self-drive)

You need to prepare: driving license, passport, collateral (by cash from VND 20 – 30 million)
Find out how much the rental cost is, how you will charge it (especially how to pay extra fees and overnight fees) and how deposits are made.
Evaluate the quality of the rental through rental information, clearly car contract and associated support services: including car delivery to customers, free car-washing after rental.
The rental cost is calculated in days or kilometers?
How much is it in case overtime or excess km (often VND 100.000 /hour) and (VND 3.000/km)
Take photos of the car before hiring as the confirmation when giving it back to the owner
When the car crash or damage during the travel, how to solve and deal with the cost?
Clear listed prices

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Hanoi

Trang Minh Company
Address: No. 1130G La Thanh St
Tel: +84 989 898 984 – +84 967 785 566

Van Minh Company
Address: No. 25B, Lane 120 Yen Lang Street, Dong Da District
Tel: +84 918 186 822 + +84 966 505 995

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Ho Chi Minh City

Trung Tin Company
Address: No. 142B Hien Vuong St, Tan Phu District
Tel: +84 911 480 086 – +84 822 531 804

Tan An Gia Company
Address: No. 107 Lanh Binh Thang St, District 11
Tel: +84 906 385 773

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Danang

Vu Khoa Company
Address: 7 Vu Van Dung St
Tel: +84 906 15 0001 – +84 905 499 544

Dinh Auto Company
Address: 124-128 2/9 Street
Tel:  +84 931 525258 – +84 919 190975

Car Rental with Driver

You need to check the quality of the car as well as driving experience of the driver.
Clarify the route, stops, departure and arrival time in the car rental contract
Clear listed prices

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Hanoi

My Dinh Travel Company
Address: No. 30 My Dinh St, Nam Tu Liem District
Tel: +84 983 314 426

Ngoc Minh Company
Address: No. 25 Lane 31 Doan Ke Thien St, Cau Giay District
Tel: +84 983 229 996 – +84 967 279 998

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Ho Chi Minh City

Mai Long Thanh Company
Address: No. 286/17A Pham Van Bach, Tan Binh District
Tel: +84 902 202 202

Van Linh Company
Address: No. 3 Dien Bien Phu St, Binh Thanh District
Tel: (+84-8) 3514 1714

Recommended Car Rental without Driver in Danang

Vittour Company
Address: No. 83 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Hai Chau District
Tel: +84 236 382 3660

Vitraco Company
Address: No. 384B Dien Bien Phu District
Tel:  +84 905 049 049 – +84 909 119 119

Motorbike Rental in Vietnam

To experience Vietnam at its best, there is nothing better than exploring each small street corners and alleys with a motorbike – a popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Riding a motorbike has become a favorite activity enjoyed by a majority of foreign visitors, especially those being keen on adventures and thrilling experience.

motorbike rental in vietnam

Motorbike Rental Guides

Nowadays, it has become the norm that foreigner visitors love renting a motorbike in Vietnam and travel on their own. With a motorbike, you can choose to explore every corner of the streets or escape the hustling and bustling city and head to discover other places in the country, lain or even mountainous terrain. So, have you ever wonder where you can rent a high-quality motorbike at the best price? The tip to have a safe and enjoyable motorbike travel is to the one that suits your purpose and roads that you’re going to take. There are a number of factors that decide what type of motorbike you should rent, encompass your driving skills, kinds of the road – plain or mountainous path.

With numerous existing types of motorbikes including Dream, Wave, Simpson or Minsk, it is necessary to choose a suitable one. Scooter is the easiest type of motor to drive but it can be used on plain roads while motorcycle is difficult to control but it is able to conquer mountainous paths.

Motorbike Rental Recommendation

If you’re in Hanoi, wander around Hanoi Old Quarter, you can encounter a lot of motorbike stores for rent, whereas if you’re in Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, make your way to District 1 in Saigon and Hung Vuong Boulevard in Hue respectively to rent a motorbike. Like car rental, you can also ask the hotel staff for motorbike rental service.

Other Transportation Rentals in Vietnam

Bike and cyclo are the common means of transportation which are encouraged to use by tourists for a responsible travel to destinations in Vietnam. You can easily hire a bike in bike agencies and a cyclo in the streets in Hanoi, Saigon or Danang with a reasonable price (from VND 50.000 to VND 70.000 a day for bike and from VND 50.000 to VND 150.000 for a travel by a cyclo).