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Mekong Delta or Nine Dragons River Delta, which is also known as the Western Region, is the rice bowl of Vietnam and a destination with numerous amazing things waiting to be discovered. You will be certainly amazed by this floating world where local people trade and do their daily activities on the surface of the water. Houses, boats, and even picturesque markets flow slowly with the current of the majestic Mekong River, among the eternal, overwhelming green of various kinds of trees, giving people an impression that they just get lost in geography book’s pages.

The best way to explore the delta is by taking a boat trip from Ho Chi Minh City along the canals. Here you can listen to the sounds of life, or the Vietnamese chantey from boatmen, enjoy some fresh, juicy fruits from other boats, or try local cuisines but with doubled excitement thanks to the floating market. Although the commerce on the river is noisy and bustling, the countryside here is still tranquil and peaceful with a quiet and mild atmosphere. The picture of many flocks of ducks swimming, the buffaloes wallowing in the mud, or white storks flying above golden rice paddy fields is like an artwork drawn by nature. If you want to explore more, there are forests with a variety of birds, there are ancient Khmer pagodas, and mossy Buddhist temples which will definitely not disappoint you. Join our Mekong Delta Tours to get those whole brand new experiences that nowhere else can obtain.

Go Vietnam Tours always treasures our beloved customers with the eagerness to give them the most memorable traveling experiences ever in Vietnam. If you want further information and consultancy, drop us your email or give us a phone call, and our personal consultant will help you to set up a private Mekong Delta Tour or Vietnam tour that pleases you and every company.

Mekong Delta Tours & Day Trips

Mekong Ecolodge Tour – 2 Days

Interested in exploring the great Mekong Delta through the eyes of locals? Then this 2-day Mekong Dela tour is the top choice for you. Begin at Ho Chi Minh city and last for 2 days of best traveling experiences by exploring rustic Mekong waterways as well as the daily life of locals. Be an overnight guest in a native’s home, immersed in the lush green of vegetation, take a boat trip to experience the bustle of floating market and traditional workshops through local lens. The tour promises to bring the most wonderful insight perspective of Mekong Delta ever.